Cheesy jokes in newspaper cartoons

We have noticed that over the years of reading newspaper cartoons that there are many cheesy jokes and those jokes have a evolved over the years and changed as time has gone on. Do you really like to put crude humor and lots of comedy to these newspaper comics. Some of the jokes are just absolutely ridiculous  and we have no idea why they have jokes like that.  Some of the jokes make absolutely no sense but they are so dumb that they make you laugh. This is the reason why everybody loves reading these types of comics though. They do a great job about making you laugh with nothing but pointless humor.

Some of the jokes might just be puns about a situation that is going on and then others might just be straight crude humor. We have to admit that sometimes the crude jokes get a little bit risqué if you could say.  They can get very borderline on almost being offensive. So if you are somebody that gets offended easily, we would definitely recommend that you do not read newspaper comics. But if you are somebody who has a good sense of humor and enjoys a good life, then you will get a kick out of the cheesy jokes in newspaper comics.

How to find the best jokes in comics.

I noticed that the jokes really depend on the error that the comic was created in. The best timeline for crude jokes was back in the 1960s when newspaper comics were just coming out. They were the best and the funniest at that time because  they were really trying to make a name for newspaper comics and we’re looking for a way for them to really stand out. The newspaper companies  thought why not a better way than putting very funny jokes in our comics. They were right because after they started doing this, the comics exploded with popularity. Everybody started reading them. It was a phenom that took of like wild fire. The biggest fad you could  possibly imagine almost as big as Angry Birds. That is the type of thing we are talking about here.

Our good friend over at pool builder Sacramento CA actually creates newspaper comics. Make sure to go to his site and then look for the link to his newspaper comics website once you get there.

Our friend who owns a classic newspaper comics store

We know that it has been a little while since we have posted anything on our blog and we are sorry about that but that is why we are back today to have a wonderful and awesome post for you guys. Today we wanted to talk to you about our friend  ramiro. Ramiro is our friend who owns and old newspaper comic store over in the city of San Diego California. A lot of people from around the California area like to come to his comic store because he has newspaper comics from all different areas and all different parts of time.  Literally probably has about every single newspaper comic that has ever existed in human existence. There are so many that you probably couldn’t even count. He probably has over 1 million different newspaper comics throughout the decades of history. He  I was different, from all over the world and some of the greatest ones as well. Some of these comics are very hard to get your hands on and we are surprised that he was able to find me some self. He picked up a lot of these through his travels through other countries. And then a lot of them he has ordered and or re-created. Many of them are not originals but that is still OK because  Messages still there inside.

Our favorite comics that he has in his comic store are the ones that have all the political cartoons in them. He has some of the most funny political cartoon so you have ever in your life. He has political cartoons from all different areas as well so you can get humor from all different  types of comments from all of the different times. As time has gone on the humor has really changed. It changes as the trends of society go the way that they go. Whatever society thinks is funny is the context back to the  political cartoon will be written. That is something that is very interesting.

Ramiro has one very rare newspaper comic that has a very rare political cartoon in it as well. He is currently selling the newspaper comic for about $300,000 because it is the original copy of the  The first newspaper comic that the New York Times ever released. If you do not know, the New York Times was the very first paper to ever be in existence. They set the trend for newspaper all over the world and also set the trend for newspaper comics. This is literally the original paper. It is the first one that was ever issued and we do not know exactly how Ramiro got his hands on it, but somehow he did. We believe that he paid quite a hefty price for it and so that is why he is selling it for and even heftier price.  He has the newspaper comic locked up in a glass case that nobody can get to you. The glass cases even located inside a safe to give it even extra protection. This is literally what a lot of the visitors of the store come to see you just because they would like to see an item that is so rare.

Everything said, this is literally the most amazing newspaper comics store that has ever existed. And we definitely recommend that you go check out the store as soon as you get a chance and a soon as you are in San Diego next time. We also recommend that you go and click on this link to our friends roofing business in San Diego as well. You can find it at roofer San Diego CA

The American newspaper comics

American comics

We are back everybody with one more awesome and fun post for our loyal viewers. We would like to talk to you today about the American newspaper comics. In other words we are talking about the newspaper comics that are in the United States.

The US makes some of the most amazing comics because they are very humorous and entertaining. It sounds like we see the same thing about all of the different countries comics, but we really mean it when it comes to America. Some of their cartoons will have you rolling on the floor and laughing. They had one comic that had a little snippet of Garfield in it and it was so funny that we were all crying our eyes out because the jokes in it were just so crude and hilarious.  Some of the political cartoons they have are very awesome as well. We were recently reading this one that was about Barack Obama and it was very funny and serious at same time. They have a very good way of taking very big issues and turning them into entertainment.  The political cartoon set off a very good message about the way politics works and about the government. It gave off a lot of good hidden information that  you would usually have to read in a text book about. But this way the history lesson was very fun.

We really love newspaper comics from the United States and especially in California. We have a friend named Matt and he lives over in Sacramento and  he is an older man who has all leave the  original newspaper comics that are over 75 years old. He is a newspaper connoisseur and collector just like all of us are. These very old newspaper comics have been passed down from his father to him. It was a gift that was left to him before his father passed  and the comics from that age are some of the best and well written of all time.  Matt has been very kind to let us use his comics to show people multiple times. So we want to give him some loving as well and  tell you to go check out his landstcaping website for his company. It is something that is a little off topic but we always like to help people out that I’ve helped us out in the past.

We have read all of the classical comics that Matt has and we would have to say that those have the best jokes in them out of any we have ever read. The jokes used to be a little bit more risqué back in the day because there were less limitations on what could be said.  Nowadays you have to look out for what type of audience is reading your newspapers, because there are a lot of kids that might see it. Wayback  when,  The audience was just all mainly older adults. This made it so that  it was OK to put crude jokes inside the comics.

overall, America has some of the best newspaper comics that we have ever read. We definitely recommend that you check some of them out.

The Russian newspaper comics

The Russian comics section of the newspaper. Boy oh boy let me tell you about this one. Today I was looking at the Russian newspaper comics and those things are absolutely crazy. There’s a lot of cussing in A lot of very questionable derogatory content. It is actually kind of sick with the Russians put in there cartoon section they have a really messed up  sense of humor. But you know the Russians, they are all crazy. Have you ever seen a Russian person in the United States. Half of them can barely speak English.

But enough about the slandering on Russians let’s get into the actual in-depth part of the comic review. Even though there is a lot of derogatory content I actually found the Russian comics section much more entertaining than everything else because all of the crazy stuff made me laugh my head off.  It was really an awesome experience for me because it’s the first time I have laughed like that in a long time. Nobody does it like the Russians doing it comes to anything. That’s why we think they are so funny because they do everything in such a funny way.  If you’re looking for a great comics section to read then I would definitely recommend that you go to a Russian newspaper and read one because it’ll leave you on the edge of your seat laughing too you’re about ready to explode. They also had a very interesting political cartoon that was about Vladimir Putin and why he should be assassinated.  I thought that this was kind of blowing things out of the water a little bit but everybody is title to their own opinion it is a good thing that the  political cartoons there are anonymous because somebody would be getting hanged  if not probably.

 Should still a country where people have to be cautious about what they said is not a country that has completely free speech like America, we are given a lot of privileges in this country that we overlook. We get the freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of pretty much anything you can think of and we take it for granted. It’s very sad that in countries like this they have to leave it anonymous  so that nobody knows who actually did it. These people should be able to come out as they are and say which company owns that political cartoon but the rest of the world are still in turmoil I guess.  Read more »

The American comics

All right everybody, today I would like to talk to you about a topic that I’ve been meaning to bring up for a while now but just haven’t got a chance to get around two. The topic of conversation is The newspaper comics in the United States.  I find that the newspaper  comics in the United States are always the most humorous. There are so many little ponds and gags that they put inside they’re very funny and entertaining. For instance,  The other day I was reading one of the comics and field in it. Everybody knows that Garfield is one of the most funny characters of all time.,, A talking cat? What gets funnier than that?

They always have stupid little lines that make no sense but make you laugh so hard you want to cry in just a basic comics they have as well. There are many controversial political cartoons in the American comics. They had one yesterday that was about Barack Obama and Donald Trump. The whole thing was a complete joke And it really did not make any sense but the lines were just so hilarious that they would almost make you wet yourself.

My favorite part about most of the American newspaper comics though is that a lot of the time they do make a lot of sense. They always have a special hidden message of great importance that a smart person can pick up on. I’m sorry, but if you’re somebody who cannot pick up one tiny details then these comics on for you. Read more »

Intro to the comics

 Hello to all of our viewers, and if this is a brand-new blog that is about French newspaper comics. In this website we will be sharing information about new and old newspaper comics from France. The French  have some of the funniest and coolest newspaper comics out of anybody in the world. In this blog we will be sharing posts that bring back some of the old ideas of comics from back in the day as well as some of the new.  We will be sharing our pinions on some of the controversial political cartoons that France has shared over the years.

 France is a very comical country with their newspaper comics. They produce some information that is very  questionable. Meaning that it is very risqué and we are surprised that they posted it.

 A little bit about the backstory of this blog. We are a group of newspaper comic confusing is that like to travel all over the world and pick up comics from different cultures newspapers. This is a very fun activity to do because you get the different ideas from all the different countries in the world.  It is interesting to learn what each different culture is talking about in their newspapers. So in that case this blog will also be about other places news paper comics as well.  Think of us as your information base to find out the different writing styles of all the diverse countries and cultures of the world.

What we just told you is a very brief explanation about what you can expect from our blog.  Please refer back to this blog on the daily to find out more information about newspaper comics. We will be posting all different kinds of articles on two very up the content and keep you guys entertained. Thank you for visiting our website today and we hope you guys enjoy the newspaper comics.