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Our friend who owns a classic newspaper comics store

We know that it has been a little while since we have posted anything on our blog and we are sorry about that but that is why we are back today to have a wonderful and awesome post for you guys. Today we wanted to talk to you about our friend  ramiro. Ramiro is our friend who owns and old newspaper comic store over in the city of San Diego California. A lot of people from around the California area like to come to his comic store because he has newspaper comics from all different areas and all different parts of time.  Literally probably has about every single newspaper comic that has ever existed in human existence. There are so many that you probably couldn’t even count. He probably has over 1 million different newspaper comics throughout the decades of history. He  I was different, from all over the world and some of the greatest ones as well. Some of these comics are very hard to get your hands on and we are surprised that he was able to find me some self. He picked up a lot of these through his travels through other countries. And then a lot of them he has ordered and or re-created. Many of them are not originals but that is still OK because  Messages still there inside.

Our favorite comics that he has in his comic store are the ones that have all the political cartoons in them. He has some of the most funny political cartoon so you have ever in your life. He has political cartoons from all different areas as well so you can get humor from all different  types of comments from all of the different times. As time has gone on the humor has really changed. It changes as the trends of society go the way that they go. Whatever society thinks is funny is the context back to the  political cartoon will be written. That is something that is very interesting.

Ramiro has one very rare newspaper comic that has a very rare political cartoon in it as well. He is currently selling the newspaper comic for about $300,000 because it is the original copy of the  The first newspaper comic that the New York Times ever released. If you do not know, the New York Times was the very first paper to ever be in existence. They set the trend for newspaper all over the world and also set the trend for newspaper comics. This is literally the original paper. It is the first one that was ever issued and we do not know exactly how Ramiro got his hands on it, but somehow he did. We believe that he paid quite a hefty price for it and so that is why he is selling it for and even heftier price.  He has the newspaper comic locked up in a glass case that nobody can get to you. The glass cases even located inside a safe to give it even extra protection. This is literally what a lot of the visitors of the store come to see you just because they would like to see an item that is so rare.

Everything said, this is literally the most amazing newspaper comics store that has ever existed. And we definitely recommend that you go check out the store as soon as you get a chance and a soon as you are in San Diego next time. We also recommend that you go and click on this link to our friends roofing business in San Diego as well. You can find it at roofer San Diego CA