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Cheesy jokes in newspaper cartoons

We have noticed that over the years of reading newspaper cartoons that there are many cheesy jokes and those jokes have a evolved over the years and changed as time has gone on. Do you really like to put crude humor and lots of comedy to these newspaper comics. Some of the jokes are just absolutely ridiculous  and we have no idea why they have jokes like that.  Some of the jokes make absolutely no sense but they are so dumb that they make you laugh. This is the reason why everybody loves reading these types of comics though. They do a great job about making you laugh with nothing but pointless humor.

Some of the jokes might just be puns about a situation that is going on and then others might just be straight crude humor. We have to admit that sometimes the crude jokes get a little bit risqué if you could say.  They can get very borderline on almost being offensive. So if you are somebody that gets offended easily, we would definitely recommend that you do not read newspaper comics. But if you are somebody who has a good sense of humor and enjoys a good life, then you will get a kick out of the cheesy jokes in newspaper comics.

How to find the best jokes in comics.

I noticed that the jokes really depend on the error that the comic was created in. The best timeline for crude jokes was back in the 1960s when newspaper comics were just coming out. They were the best and the funniest at that time because  they were really trying to make a name for newspaper comics and we’re looking for a way for them to really stand out. The newspaper companies  thought why not a better way than putting very funny jokes in our comics. They were right because after they started doing this, the comics exploded with popularity. Everybody started reading them. It was a phenom that took of like wild fire. The biggest fad you could  possibly imagine almost as big as Angry Birds. That is the type of thing we are talking about here.

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