About labellevie

This is a blog that is all about the history of the different newspaper comics of France as well as all of the other countries in the world. Every single country has their own newspaper as well as the towns in those countries. And  every newspaper has a different comics section. This is always something that is very interesting to read because usually the comics are very entertaining. This is very cool because there are so many different types of newspaper comic writing styles all  over the world. We think that it is good to get to know these so that you can be informed what all the different cultures are up to. This blog will be offering posts that explain the history of different comics as well as reviews of some.  We will also be posting information and articles stating some of the very controversial comics and political cartoons of the recent century. There has been some political cartoons that have been very questionable to have been written. Writing is something that is very amazing and we have noticed that every political cartoon and newspaper comic always has a hidden message behind it.  What you can expect from this blog as well is that we will decipher these hidden messages for you and make posts about them so that you don’t have to figure this out on your own. Some of these comics can be very confusing so that’s why you have us to help you figure it out.

Thank you for reading our brief about section of the site and we encourage you to go visit our very first blog post.