Intro to the comics

 Hello to all of our viewers, and if this is a brand-new blog that is about French newspaper comics. In this website we will be sharing information about new and old newspaper comics from France. The French  have some of the funniest and coolest newspaper comics out of anybody in the world. In this blog we will be sharing posts that bring back some of the old ideas of comics from back in the day as well as some of the new.  We will be sharing our pinions on some of the controversial political cartoons that France has shared over the years.

 France is a very comical country with their newspaper comics. They produce some information that is very  questionable. Meaning that it is very risqué and we are surprised that they posted it.

 A little bit about the backstory of this blog. We are a group of newspaper comic confusing is that like to travel all over the world and pick up comics from different cultures newspapers. This is a very fun activity to do because you get the different ideas from all the different countries in the world.  It is interesting to learn what each different culture is talking about in their newspapers. So in that case this blog will also be about other places news paper comics as well.  Think of us as your information base to find out the different writing styles of all the diverse countries and cultures of the world.

What we just told you is a very brief explanation about what you can expect from our blog.  Please refer back to this blog on the daily to find out more information about newspaper comics. We will be posting all different kinds of articles on two very up the content and keep you guys entertained. Thank you for visiting our website today and we hope you guys enjoy the newspaper comics.

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