The American newspaper comics

American comics

We are back everybody with one more awesome and fun post for our loyal viewers. We would like to talk to you today about the American newspaper comics. In other words we are talking about the newspaper comics that are in the United States.

The US makes some of the most amazing comics because they are very humorous and entertaining. It sounds like we see the same thing about all of the different countries comics, but we really mean it when it comes to America. Some of their cartoons will have you rolling on the floor and laughing. They had one comic that had a little snippet of Garfield in it and it was so funny that we were all crying our eyes out because the jokes in it were just so crude and hilarious.  Some of the political cartoons they have are very awesome as well. We were recently reading this one that was about Barack Obama and it was very funny and serious at same time. They have a very good way of taking very big issues and turning them into entertainment.  The political cartoon set off a very good message about the way politics works and about the government. It gave off a lot of good hidden information that  you would usually have to read in a text book about. But this way the history lesson was very fun.

We really love newspaper comics from the United States and especially in California. We have a friend named Matt and he lives over in Sacramento and  he is an older man who has all leave the  original newspaper comics that are over 75 years old. He is a newspaper connoisseur and collector just like all of us are. These very old newspaper comics have been passed down from his father to him. It was a gift that was left to him before his father passed  and the comics from that age are some of the best and well written of all time.  Matt has been very kind to let us use his comics to show people multiple times. So we want to give him some loving as well and  tell you to go check out his landstcaping website for his company. It is something that is a little off topic but we always like to help people out that I’ve helped us out in the past.

We have read all of the classical comics that Matt has and we would have to say that those have the best jokes in them out of any we have ever read. The jokes used to be a little bit more risqué back in the day because there were less limitations on what could be said.  Nowadays you have to look out for what type of audience is reading your newspapers, because there are a lot of kids that might see it. Wayback  when,  The audience was just all mainly older adults. This made it so that  it was OK to put crude jokes inside the comics.

overall, America has some of the best newspaper comics that we have ever read. We definitely recommend that you check some of them out.

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